Welcome to my blog.  This is my first post!  I’ve gotten inspired by great blogs like Simple Justice, Popehat, A Public Defender, The Volokh Conspiracy, and even PDGirl.

Please bear with me on the flaws and cookie-cutter design.  I’ll probably end up shelling out some money if I manage to get a regular reader or two.  Otherwise this will just be a place to collect my thoughts.  I’ve gotten sick of posting to Facebook and either nobody reading it, or just shoving it into an echo chamber and only hearing back from people that I know already agree with me.

For reference, Hot Pockets’ brand-spanking-new commercial (“with premium cuts of meat and made from scratch;” yeah, right) is playing in the background.  It’s Youtube’s tax for letting me do things like listen to Leonard Cohen, so I’m content for them to advertise.

Welcome to my home. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hehehe, I like that I got added in as “even PDGirl.” I’m nowhere near as good as the others you’ve listed, so I appreciate being added on the list! Glad to hear my little ramblings have helped inspire you! I’ll be reading! 🙂

    1. It’s nice to read your day-to-day insights. Sometimes your tragedies cause me heartache because I feel like I’ve been through the same thing (though with a different outcome), and your victories are inspiring. Scott Greenfield and the others have their own writing style that appeals to me on one level, while your appeals… Level isn’t the right word. Maybe it’s better to say that each style of writing touches my mind and heart in different ways.

      Your post “Win!” followed up with your reflection perfectly reflects how I feel about my work. Mr. Greenfield’s post “It Smells Like Victory” is insightful about how he thinks and what motivates him, but it’s not how I think. It’s still neat to read, but… Well, I’m not sure where I am going with this comment now. I think I’m just sort of rambling. Thank you for stopping by, though! Yeah, I call you PDGirl because that’s how I was first introduced to your blog. I think it was a link through A Public Defender or Simple Justice that lead me to you a while back.

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