My Little Place in History

So I really enjoy the Popehat blog.  A lot!  I read it with great frequency and interest over last several years (even signing up for a forum account!), but the community over there has gotten big enough that I feel a bit lost trying to interact. Some of their posts have thousands of comments, and I simply feel overwhelmed even trying to get a foot in the door. That, and the point that I would like to make has often already been made; if not in whole, then in part.  I know that the authors are trying to remedy that (soliciting opinions through the poll at the bottom), but…. I guess I would rather just have a sort of public forum where I put out my own ideas.  Here is me trying get back into what I started.

On a tanget: reading through the TOF’s series The Great Ptolemaic Smackdown, I noticed that he either directly quoted letters, or quoted recorded correspondence between two people.  It has helped to push me toward writing.  Mr. Greenfield gave the initial push, I think, through his encouragement to “just do it”.  I have been spending a lot of time playing video games lately… I think that time will make itself available if I just sit down and write.  Of course I’ll probably have to consult with someone about what is appropriate… The NSA doesn’t need free access to every thought (where is the code for a wink?), but I would like to add to the conversation.  Even if it’s an echo chamber!

So, I’ll be going back through my drafts that I’ve compiled, at least, and adding some updated thoughts so that I can push them out.  When I first started this blog, I would save a draft post with a link and an outline daily with the intent of getting around to finalizing a post.

Obviously, that intent was not realized.

So!  I will remedy that and try to get back into the habit.  At worst, I learn something about myself that I don’t like.  At best, I contribute to some great thinker somewhere.  So, hopefully more posts will be going up as the days go on.


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