Polar Opposites

So, recently the news sites are awash in analysis and reporting on The Shutdown.  Most of the blame is falling on the Republicans (empirically so), but I think that this is just good PR on Democrats’ part.

Meanwhile, some claim that this is the work of a few crazy men and women in one particular part of the country.  I call bullshit.

I think that the shutdown is the result of a polarized electorate… Hopefully not an uniformed one, but ultimately their (our) level of knowledge is immaterial.  The point is that the candidates that we sent are simply unwilling to compromise on some issues.  The Congress has reached an apparent critical mass of men and women that coalesced into groups with mutually exclusive goals.  Previously, Representative Walter Jones was an outlier.  Now, he finds himself with like-minded individuals that are large enough to form a voting bloc.  These candidates believe that they have a mandate, much like President Obama believed that he had a mandate to pass the Affordable Care Act (or at least the unshakable will to do so).  The problem is that now the two each have the authority to demand what they want, and to deny things that are contrary to their priorities.  Each side is doing it.  Like I said, it’s just good PR that has made the Republicans bear most of the blame.  I sincerely hope that this will illuminate and inform the voters (us) for the next election so that we can have a government that works (more on that later, if you wish).

I’m not sure how all this will turn out.  Frankly, I am worried… But we will see how it goes.


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