Better a Loss than a Pyrrhic Victory

Congratulations to the Democrat Party on ending the government shutdown.

The Republicans just cost the country money and their own caucus political capital on their principled stand.  What a waste of time.  Hopefully I’m wrong.  Hopefully, this will push the Overton Window back toward fiscal responsibility.

I was concerned about the shutdown.  Personally,  I think it needed to happen.  It is a complete shame that only one party seems to bear responsibility for the shutdown, and the Republicans have failed (in my point of view) to represent the shared burden.  Maybe this is partly on the shoulders of the press

I sincerely hope that this will spark a conservative coalition.  Ideally, there would be a four party system, made up of libertarians, neo-conservatives, progressives, and liberals.  If only there were some big personalities that were upset by the status quo, I think this would be the time to lead the split.  After all, people on both sides are unhappy with only two choices.


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