I took a break for a few days to get out of town. It was a good time! Maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime. In the meantime, I am dying.

It astounds me that more people are not… Forthcoming about that. I contemplate death a lot, particularly my own. I know that my death is coming, and relatively soon in the “grand scheme of things.” People have been around for a very long time, and will almost certainly be around after I can no longer affect the world, and things will go on. I am sure that barring some sort of apocalyptic scenario my passing will be mourned, but I will be forgotten. I am sure of that. I am barely aware of what my great-grandparents did during their lifetimes, and I am a direct (albeit removed) result of their actions.

I often wonder what I can do with the little amount of time I have. It has helped to cut down on some (but not all) of the frivolous things I do, and has made me much more brooding. I think I might be happier because of that, but I’m not sure.


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