Centralized Planning

Ugh.  I was shocked, shocked, Casanova, when I discovered that only six people signed up for health care on the first day the Health Care exchanges were opened.  I mean, nobody would really ever know what the numbers were, right?  Why would the most transparent administration in the history of the United States release such unimportant data?

HHS spokeswoman Joanne Peters helpfully pointed out that this wasn’t a bad start: only 123 people signed up for coverage in the first month the Massachusetts state health care exchange opened in 2007.  What a stupid comparison.  Besides size, scale, and the difference in diffusion of awareness about the two programs, I guess it lines up.

Where does the buck stop?  When was the last time a politician took responsibility for his actions?  It seems like it takes adultery or theft to get someone to admit they have actually done something.  If these guys can’t be responsible for something they put their name on, then what matters?  What do they care about?

Maybe they’re just too busy looking up potential dates.


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