Stop Following Me!

Nah, j/k.  I have noticed since I started my blog every day I make a post I get new “followers.”  Wordpress has this neat feature that notifies the blogger if he or she gets a new “follower.”  A follower is someone who subscribes to another person’s blog.  While this sounds neat in principle, it is decidedly underwhelming in practice.  I think that the idea is to get follows-back, sort of like the scheme on Twitter to get more twitfame points.  As far as I know, WordPress regrettably lacks a feature to display the followers on each blog.  Perhaps there’s a widget somewhere, or a market waiting to be exploited by an entrepreneurial Mark Britton-type.  Unfortunately, Mr. Britton’s wisdom seems forever lost on the Internet, or the address of his original blog post regarding his Theory of Influence has disappeared.


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