Winning Back Love

For context, I’m listening to songs like John Legend’s “Love Me Again” and Banks’ “Beggin For Thread.”

It seems like winning someone back is so much harder than winning their heart in the first place.  Perhaps my choice of phrasing betrays me, but hear me out.

There are many ways into someone’s affection: their taste in food, what pleases their eye, or perhaps what they enjoy listening to.  But betraying that affection leaves a wound that I don’t think will ever heal.  It’s deep and will always leave a scar, and the impossibility of erasing that scar coupled with our mortality sometimes saddens me.

What isn’t impossible is to rekindle that affection, but even then the past is always there.  To some, it’s a devil whispering in the ear, reminding each half of the couple that the betrayal happened once and it will happen again.  This doesn’t have to be true, though.

But it’s hard to persist in proving that devil wrong sometimes.  Will the relationship be worth it?  It will if the relationship was worth having in the first place.


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